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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Staying Sane

If the heat is getting to you, take some time out. Grab something light and easy...who cares if you look like an extra from a beach movie circa 1950?

1)Banishing frizzies. Not gonna happen. Dealing with them? Yes. Wavy hair has a certain magic. Get it good and clean and braid it back. Let it out when you start getting that Pippi Longstocking look going on (unless it's Halloween. In that case, work it. A pair of heavy boots, striped stockings and a mismatched dress/shirt and voila! C'est easy!) And beachy "bitch curls" will be your reward. Scrunch with a little "Frizz Ease" and "After Party Serum" and they'll be shiny, too.

2)Be nice to your skin. Make sure to moisturize. Both the summer air and AC can be drying.

3)Breakouts? I'm pulling a double whammy on my skin.
First, the "Cleansing mousse" from Sephora (Supreme Foaming Cleanser)
The First of my favorite little marvels... then, after rinsing, I go through with a slightly heavier cleanser, rinse off, and then make sure any dark cirles are taken care of. And no matter what your skin is like, a light, but rich moisturizer is a must. I'll be a granny if I so choose. Then you can do your make up and stuff. Remember, it's amazing what a good brush and a little itty bit of color can do. You want "sunkissed", not "Oompa Loompa Meets Krusty" if you wear make up in this weather
Ok, so I tend to be low maintenance... except in my cleansing routine.
this Instant Moisture Kit works, and the stuff for eye circles is good, but I still like the Mary Kay green-jelly one with witch hazel. Because it feels so damn good in the heat.

4)Be nice to you. Don't let the heat make you cagey. And remember that if you mess up, have a day where you have an urge to kick someone, that it's ok... it happens. The trick is choosing to take some time and gathering yourself so you don't do that. Don't punish yourself for feeling that way. Give yourself a treat.

5)Sometimes, it's ok to take time out, for no reason whatsoever. 

As always:

Next time: I'll hopefully attempt Strawberry/chocolate shots, a science experiment for Kristi... lord knows, it's not like she needs new shot ideas! :)
And of course, at least once, I'll mix white wine with some grapes and strawberries. More fruit cocktail, I wouldn't be able to leave them overnight.

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