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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things That Make Me Say "Get Off My Lawn"

In the world of music, I don't care about genre... I do however, have to say, I don't wish to be "YOLO-ed" (James Bond tells us that one's not necessarily true!) and if I never hear "Tonight, Tonight" (There's, by my count 15 billion songs by that name, and I'm not linking a song I dislike and yet plays so much everywhere I go that it's become an earworm I have yet to shake) by um...Hot Chelle Rae (Google at your own risk, or go hang out at any store, beauty shop, cafe, whatever.) again, I will be absolutely delighted. God, what's wrong with kids nowadays? When I was a kid... (oops, when did I become a cranky old person.)---eh, get off my lawn!

Ok, children. Here's something from my generation (Well, if I'm going to sound like a cantankerous old fart, I might as well have fun with it.)

(Confession: I wasn't acutely aware of the androgynous look as a small child, and have a habit of cocking my head to stare at this... "Why does that woman have a mustache?" Nevermind the lead singer looking sick and having a cigarette burn, that always mystified me.) But the dancing couple is what charms and really catches my eye. Beauty!

See? Happy. Bright. Dreamy. Devil-may-care, perhaps. Ok, fine, not to pull a Tom Cruise, but I'll grab my big shirt and socks. I think it's time to dance.

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