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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Sun'll Come Out...

I can't say things are coming to a fast resolution, or that I won't accidentally trip myself. I can say... hallelujah... it's been a good one, I'm not so panicky. I finally quit holding back from Mom... it's really a ridiculously stupid idea, as frankly, I have too many tells to try to pull off verbal and physical "nothing's wrong" poker faces. Nothing yet from Albany with my test scores... this is expected. My insurance is good 'til January and I can quit worrying over that and deal with the big nutrition-physical-emotional-dental balancing act. Thank God priests are free. And Martin Luther of course. I'd be a right mess if I had to buy my forgiveness! Or my sense of spiritual peace.  (The strangest two sentences you may ever read.) This week, I pick up some happy, fuzzy feel-good movies, see if Mel can meet me when I go pick up my purse at the cobbler (the leather dry-rotted, they fixed it.), good, the temporary purse is too gigantic and I think I lost an entire bottle of soda in there... hopefully sort the good news into a chunk that is easily told and understood (Yes! Good days! It's brighter! I see light!) A little panicky with people still, trying. Working on the whole eat-to-enjoy-eat-to-fill-without-issues thing. To help others heal, first, I must heal myself.

glitter-graphics.com Although this never hurts either. Trite, overly poetically licensed, but true.

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