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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vocabulary, Video Games, and the Sweet, Simple Things

Trying to deal, to focus on what's important, and weed out what's not, has been marvelous. Cathartic. (I love that word, like avoirdupois, it's simply not used enough. Sample sentence on the former: "You may be blessed with avoirdupois, my friend, and you may throw that about as much as you please, but as far as I'm concerned, you may take your opinion and shove up your rather considerable backside!") 
Because I delight in new vocabulary words:
Courtesy of Dictionary.com and an ad from the 50's attempting to use "avoirdupois" poetically

With more work to do :)

So, the world is strange. Appointments, appointments, tests... oh, the tests! Still no answers, and day by day, I realize I'm still not where I want or need to be. When I screw up, I still get after myself, and I am not very nice to myself, either. But I can't do that. Instead, I'm going to remember: the opinions of people I don't know, whose struggles are unknown to me, and mine to them...why should I  worry what they think? There's those I love  who love me. While sometimes, I may take an opinion or analysis with a grain of salt anyway, I'll listen and try to learn.

And of course, focus on what's good. Simple, sweet, odd little things

1)Finding Space Invaders again, at long last! (Cue Etta James, please!) There's something in a point and click kill the aliens game that is magic!... now to share the beauty with the next generation!

It rocks my socks. Courtesy of Dorkly Dot Com

My wonderfully sweet, insane friends. All of them. My wonderfully sweet, insane family, as well.

My Cloud-b starlight sea turtle. Calming. And, with a textured ceiling, it's a delight to watch the stars above my bed! (Sticky stars wouldn't stick.)

Music. While I get plagued with ear worms that won't quit, I'm grateful for music and will be sad when I lose the ability to hear it. But not too sad, I love feeling it, too. Take, for example, Iron Man by Black Sabbath. It took me forever to understand Ozzy, but I know the beat in my very bones.

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