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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bethy's First-World Problems, and Tips

Sometimes, restrictive diets, for whichever reason, be it for health, to ensure your dear little intestines (I never thought I'd see the day I called my intestines "dear"... they were there, but like gynecology or politics I choose to never discuss them over dinner...everyone gets upset and no one can finish their dessert.) can process what you need, and thus your liver, kidneys, and stomach as well, and any vitamins are used as opposed to piddled out... can get nutty. I mean, I'd love to walk into a restaurant and say "I'll have the French toast"... although I really enjoy making it at home... if I have a bread that soaks up my egg, milk, cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg mixture well!- Bonus tip: I use a little extra virgin olive oil in my cooking process.  (Udi's GF sandwich bread. Freezer section. Awesome.) rather than dither. There's really only so many coffee (or cherry coke float) & fry meals I can handle while attempting not to gaze longingly at a cheeseburger (or get caught doing so.) And while I fully enjoy surf and turf (now that I know how to eat shrimp, that is... the first time, age 9, I went for the tail... "It's... chewy." Everyone fell over laughing while asking me if my parents ever gave me seafood.) and the prototypical trucker's breakfast, steak and eggs, (Medium well, if you please, extra hash browns, no bread, scrambled eggs), I can say it: "I am tired of steak and eggs! I want variety!" (First world problems, y'know?) 
Enough about me... although chances are I'll insert some weird sarcasm somewhere down the line.

Recently, studies show (That's right... when not dealing with the shadows, or finishing off another Game of Thrones book, I gag for technical studies. I worry about me.)
that if you want to lose weight (not so much, thank you- but I'm using some of this for the opposite reason, sort of like body builders drinking Slim Fast in whole milk.), you have more success if you keep a food journal than if you do not. In my case, I keep track of how many calories I'm getting (since I fell somewhere and frightened myself) and whether or not I'm getting enough protein. It's annoying to say the least, and who wants to look back years later and read: "February 26th, 11:00PM: Finished half of chicken, washed down with bottle of Mexican Coke"?
The technical stuff, courtesy of Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
(I also worry sometimes... does it need to be said, every time I go finish off a container of honeydew chunks? Or my favorite baked apples? Well, yeah, but it sucks. Plain and simple. It's a time sucker.)
Now for the talented Lesley Kinzel, blogger at Two Whole Cakes, author of a book by the same name, and columnist at XO Jane (If you were a teenager in the 80's and 90's, and even early '00s, you know of Sassy & Jane Pratt.)
Lesley is a bright little sunbeam, and her photoshops, added into serious scenes from Downton Abbey (which I love mostly for Maggie Smith, whom I hope to be like when I'm an old woman.) made me get a bit of a girl-crush.
 She also loves, loves, loves, and is beautifully odd. While at different spectrums, I find her a breath of fresh air.

Lesley on how to keep a non-crazy making food journal

I also follow, for sanity purposes and a smile, The Fat Nutritionist.
Part of this unsure, weird world, of explaining storage proteins and acquiring a knack for finding weird text books and a bizarre lexicon of phrases that make my doctors ask me when I went to med school, is knowing when to laugh, and to brighten the gloom of constantly fighting for what's natural.

On the protein side, while I'm (A) using a heavier-fat milk than the can suggests, (adding 206 cal to my daily total.)  and (B) cutting scoop sizes to avoid the "Chunky milkshake" aesthetic, I finally found Spiru-tein, which was recommended, weirdly, by an earnest, and perhaps well-meaning jackass- I'm feeling better there. I'm doing something. For more information, go to Spiru-tein. It's a gluten-free mixture of spirulina protein, etc. The can says you don't need a blender, and done right, a cocktail shaker works fine for this. Just don't listen when they say "Add a HEAPING spoonful." Also: Chocolate is where it's at. :-P

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