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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Making Peace With Yourself

Note: if you know me, you realize straight out: while I can be and have been teased gently by friends for being overtly lady-like "Come on, spit it out! You can drop the oh, dears with me!"-- I am far from a feminist. I also refuse to touch kale and hate the spelling, "wombyn" and other such terms with a vengeance. This means I mock them roundly.

A teenage girl organized a protest towards the "venerable" Seventeen magazine this year. Against photo shopping and dropping 20 pounds off its' models digitally. All well and good... I've seen numerous mags stand against Photo-Shop Weight Loss while showing what has to be a girl mannequin on a stick in the article. In response, Seventeen's editors partially discussed that they might change background colors, smooth wrinkles, and erase fly away hairs and acne, but would let what was natural shine through. Ok. And, they arranged the following. While some of it is pretty basic, it isn't, thank God, "I will sit quietly, I will remember that my eyebrows must be thinned and that there should be two, I will teach my cat to sit..."

Some is extreme teenage girl stuff. Some is actually universal. Know what? I support this highly.

For every gender. I can't tell you how many guys have told me they need to lose this, or wish they had that! And some of this isn't just body-stuff, or girly stuff. Some of it is common sense.

And sip...and sip... no slurping...


  1. As a mother of a teenager so do I.

  2. As a mother on 1 teen age Daughter and soon 2 more I totally agree '

  3. Here's a link to the article... kind of got lost after the video/ screen shots. I haven't read Seventeen for years (obviously) but I like this idea. http://www.seventeen.com/health/tips/body-peace-pledge?click=main_sr


  4. The future gets brighter :)

  5. Here's another one for moms... I didn't see it to do screen shots: http://www.seventeen.com/health-sex-fitness-old/body-types-old/mom-body-peace?click=main_sr