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Monday, July 9, 2012

Redemption Song

-Still awaiting transcripts... meaning applications for nutrition programs (If I'm going to live with it, I may as well help others... and I want to know what I can) will need to be somewhat delayed. Ugh.
-Doctors going a bit insane now after Saturday morning's little incident. I'm OK... a bit of water inhaled, guess I didn't quite get out of bathtub fast enough---that stings!--- can't say where 6 hours went, but hopefully I'll get it back... the last of a headache to bear, staying calm, enjoying fresh air and going through some things I know are enjoyable and will keep me calm
-Working on my timeout/ peace/ work towards improvement/ maintenance. Sleeping better... could be heat
-Guzzling water like a fish. Cool night air is nice. :)
-Insurance, etc all good and that pile of paperwork is done
-going to see about maybe enjoying some "girly stuff"/ improvement
-Not quite there on appetite front, but am trying. Once again, could be heat, could be Topomax, could be stress.
-Working on that "Learning to center" thing. That whole "Clear your mind thing" is usually the toughest part.
-Family? Sigh. Guess I gotta show and tell. Because there is no way in hell I'm going backward, and no one is taking away my freedom! (And I'll continue being stubborn.)
-My doctors are still all annoying, and on vacations. I intend to take an example and go on my own. One hand doesn't know what the other's doing, there, so I'm trying to keep things as documented as possible. I am getting to the bottom of things while they decide on medicines and whether repeat testing/ and what treatments to try in the future. And working on keeping all of me together. Going to pieces is going to simply screw me up. Letting people and their myriad opinions and questions and "Well, my great-aunt Sue's room mate's cousin's sister's dog had this problem in 1946 and they did___" conversations mess me up won't help either. I'll enjoy the little pretty things, keep some things and people close, and continue my goals towards improving. Nothing to do with anything, really. I've been on one of my occasional Bob Marley kicks.

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