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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goodnight, Llamas In Pajamas

There are some songs only for "calming down" and getting ready to doze (some, like Goodnight, Irene, let's face it, startle me when I find them in children's songbooks... I heard a male/female duet where the titular Irene gets a voice on the second verse... "Last Saturday night, I got married, me and my man settled down, now it's a week and we're parting... think I'll jump in the river and drown"-- here is where "It's probably best not to analyze" is good advice.)

I'm new at this. While I'm not listening to a lot of Brahms (or any)... I do have some stuff I use only for calm.

Goodnight, Irene- Leadbelly
I'll Be Seeing You- Billie Holliday
Dream a Little Dream of Me- Ella Fitzgerald
Someone To Watch Over Me- Ella Fitzgerald
Somebody To Love- Queen (whatever works :)!)
Cheek To Cheek-Frank Sinatra
In The Arms of Sleep-The Smashing Pumpkins
Try, Try, Try (alternative, not album version)-The Smashing Pumpkins

If I work it right, I can doze within a relatively short time, and within the 45 minutes at a pop that the light-show turtle thing works before I have to press the on button again.

Here's Leadbelly. If you're a weirdo like me, this may well be calming. It might also be disturbing. But... so is so much of blues and jazz.

Recording circa 1943

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