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Friday, July 20, 2012


I don't often watch "official" music videos, particularly if they're showing a cause du jour... another cringey moment is looking back at songs using what was the slang at one point (Holla Back Girl, anyone?)
But I loved this song for itself... one could analyze differently depending on whatever they're feeling at the time. Here is where I tell people, "Just close your eyes and listen.)

While Buffalo's Occupy Movement had huge roadblocks... namely, the organizers and protesters seemed more thrilled with dressing up like zombies and camping out by President McKinley's memorial, and when asked "So here's the problem. The Erie County Corrections system has been bad for years. What are you doing? What senators have been reached? Have you talked to staff from Erie County Corrections? Former prisoners? 'This is horrible and needs to stop' is a great starting point it can't be an end all be all..." they said, "Uhhh..." "Here's your issue. I have it here on the bright orange paper, zombie prisoner #35509. What I need to know is what is the end game? What is being done? You can protest as you like, but where's the clear cut goal?" (For example: Toxic waste in Superfund sites must be cleared. People are getting sick. We have talked to Senator Bruno, and are going to Albany. We are funding a clean-up effort. or: The people who were housed by the city, on land that was no more than a chemical dump site are sick, the children cannot play outside, and the city is saying "oops! Our bad!" we have to hold them accountable and pay for the people it housed on a toxic dump.) I wanted, as a tree-hugger, to believe, for a moment. But here, I see nothing horrid. No tent cities of mayhem, simply people wanting to believe they make a difference. And someone singing their heart out.

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