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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've Got...Steam Heat

Heatwaves are always exciting. Partially because of all the people who get shocked that we do indeed get them. (My pet penguin is doing fine at the zoo, random odd ball I met years ago in the Carolinas. You liked my Sabres shirt. Also, I hope that hangover wasn't too awful.) Today, in the high 80's, it was enough that I ended up asking a bank teller for a glass of water. I was dry, cotton-throated, and a little dizzy.  My desperation knows no bounds.) I am getting used to Topomax again...the little buzz buzz buzz of a headache and the slight shadowing means I'm up for something, but I'm kind of used to that. I call it living in the Penumbra- outside of a shadow. I may have to adjust dosages... I am not thrilled that, as far as I and my neuro know, I have been on each anti-seizure medication on the market... (I'm almost hoping they pop up with something that can be advertised as "Less dizziness! Less agitation! Less weird, icky body issues! No more extreme (to me) haircuts!" (I had to chop it to just touching the shoulder to lessen the effect of depekote. I'd been trying to grow it to bra strap.) So, I'm fortifying myself...Gatorade, extra food, (Mostly fruits... I've gotten off S'mores and am hot for honeydew.) AC, have swimsuit ready, and screw arctic water conditions, if it does get to 92 tomorrow, I'm going for a dip. I mean, God, we have 2 swimming pools. (And lazy life guards.) So I am currently doing a warm-weather version of the comfort zone, because I am foggy and not quite with it. A lot of water is being downed, with Gatorade as back up as needed, because I have a bad habit of flushing out the salt and having issues. I also picked up some feel-good movies, and because I know me, a boxed set of Game of Thrones books. And a yoga set. I have to do something. Besides wander aimlessly, call doctors and dental surgeons, and worry.

Mom wants me to check in on massages. I am going to see what Happy Hans can do for me. And then go for a Happy Ending at Friendly's. (Hand to Heaven, I remember an advertisement for an ice cream-something of that name, and I had to explain it to my mother and the waitress.) I'm going to kick the bad stuff, in the mean time, I'm enjoying the good.

Current test in works on vitamin levels. I'm working on it. One step, one day at a time. And one day, I will not end up bruised after blood tests.

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