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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Happenstance

I am slowly getting out in the world... I decided to take advantage of a need to get a haircut (wavy, thick hair+ summer=eek!) and test out my Merrell Wonder Glove shoes (Ballet flats, startlingly, don't work on AA width feet with a high arch... the vamp is too low and I over-pronate.) which I got when my ancient Adidas sandals began to fall apart. While on the same "chassis", as you will, as those God-awful "feetie shoes" (no, just no.) they work with both jeans and shorts and dresses, and I can pretty much do anything in them. So did that, on the way back on my exercise/ get out of house/ take care of my vanity exercise, I bumped into Mel and her daughter. We spent some time at Chuck-E-Cheese, and while I have a good case of the sniffles, I'm actually feeling a lot better. (I also washed my hands 14 times when I came home, but that's just me.) I celebrate my good days, and frankly, I had more fun than I might, say surrounded by sweaty, loud, drunk people. There's time to be an adult. Then there's time to let an almost-4 year old run you ragged. It was good for me, and that is the most awesome kid, and mom, I've ever met! :)

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