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Friday, January 21, 2011

Truth, Justice and the American Way

There's a few tendencies I have, where if I could harness and use them for the power of good, and of course Truth, Justice and the American Way (Cue fanfare), I could probably rule the world. It really hasn't stopped me from trying, however.
I feel everything. I can generally tell you, "Um, yeah, not a good idea", although some things must be learned via experience, while it'll hurt me to grind my teeth and watch a person having to learn tough lessons, it's necessary at times. It's been said people like me might as well have 100 fingers as opposed to 10. While this means I can generally pick out when someone is hurting, it'll also mean I'll feel extreme guilt if I can't help them. One person asked me if it worked for the lottery. Yes, fifty bucks. Now see, if I wanted to try that again, I'd get nil, but if I could use it for that, I'd likely be a wealthy woman. That, and if I could only sell kicks in the ass (It SHOULD be a buyers' market!) would have me rolling in the money. Well, and every guy who ever said the magic "I'm a nice guy..."
Then of course, there's brain to mouth filter. While as of yet, I still manage to say things that I THOUGHT I had written or said clearly, and have them come out in a way that I shock, mystify or am otherwise misunderstood, I also have a terrible habit of, according to some, "Being too honest". (I make some people rather uncomfortable)- odd, because I do actually hold back some. I guess we're all complicated. :-( But my filter is either set LOW, has a hole in it, or else, my frontal lobe decides to take it easy when I'm attempting to get a point across.
And of course, it has come in handy. But I think I have hurt good people with it a time or two.

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