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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fighting With Hello Kidney

Somedays, sleep doesn't quite come as it should. You can be all antibiotic-ed out, as I am, running on cranberry juice, an Exedrine PM, and pure and simple exhaustion. I have a terrible habit... I over think, and sometimes make apologies late into the night, to everything, including the refrigerator, but myself. To those on the list of those I made needless apologies to, and it's longer than my arm... yup, I'm a big schmuck.
Today, I should be exhausted... 3 hours to diagnose a kidney infection (in a sole kidney) after days of limited output and major water-and-cranberry juice input, and then waiting at Target for scripts, dealing with Mom, who is becoming overtaxed by a boyfriend with Parkinson's Disease, and issues stemming from a doctor who screwed with medication doses, causing me to feel a wee bit drunk, and just a lot out of it... I should be pinned to the pillow. Instead, I'm up...and overthinking as I do, becoming awfully enthralled with the side effects of Macrobid... that is... I've never seen so much orange in my life- but hey, I can pee! (And you probably didn't need to know that, but it's sure lovely when you haven't in a few days!) Of course, lately, I've been my schmucky self... must knock that off... I hate it with every part of me. Let it be, Beth, just let it be.
As for the fight with my kidney, well, I suppose I'll take it over the bout with the symptoms of meningitis I had in 'o6. Like a lot of things, say, tuberculosis, there's a penchant for me to feel it, and occasionally exhibit the stiff neck and headache/ exhaustion, and pain from the cold of winter on my ribs, one of which is gone. I just wish Dear Hello Kidney had not decided to act up now... and I hadn't been stubborn before I stopped weeing.
Well, to end, how about a childish joke?
Why did the lobster blush?
Because the sea wee'd.
PS. I am considering theological classes, actually working to be a member of clergy. This would mean that I'd need to become a nun, or undergo a sex change to avoid changing "major religions" or go Episcopalian, all the caffeine, only half the guilt. I am seriously thinking, and don't know if I'll do so or not, it's a lot, and I know many who do not put up with female clergy.

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