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Sunday, October 28, 2012



That said, it looks as though the Eastern seaboard is being hit by Hurricane Sandy. While it isn't time to go and stock up on 100 lbs of dry rice, 50lbs of dry milk (eww, really?) and cases upon cases of bottled water, dried vegetables and fruits (I would however suggest Bare Fruit's bake-dried Fiji apple chips in any type of weather.) I would say:

  • Charge your phones
  • Have money around in case of emergency
  • Stock up on flashlights, extra batteries
  • Please know, it's supposed to blow over by Thursday.
  • Stock up on any emergency medications- while this is not a zombie invasion, is not weeks upon weeks surviving on dried beans and canned vegetables, it's a safe idea to prep for the unexpected. Make sure your usual medications are well-stocked.
  • Those with electric appliances and electric-only hookups may find themselves at loss. While I have 24 hour access to a few fast food places (I grabbed a coffee at McDonald's---not my usual (I'm picky about coffee now)... during a particularly long power outage and needing light and warmth in the freeze... after one of the main lines got struck. This tends to happen.) and can have access to limited food sources there (hot drinks, soda, fruit salad, milk.) in walking distance, some do not. 
  • Basic canned foods that can be eaten cold work well... fruits, some soups (if your gag reflex is good), tuna if desperate, or those that can be heated with a little snap. 
  • Stock up on your bread, butter, peanut butter, jelly, eggs, milk, coffee, fruit, veggies. Find leftovers you can eat cold if you are in an outage and you have electric stoves/ microwaves

Remember that this is brief... it's a storm that will gust and pour, and pass over. Remember not to isolate yourself and try to keep in touch with family and loved ones. I know if I go silent, I will have people banging on my door. For this reason, I am working on ensuring I send up a flag: "I am fine. I am ok. The only horrid thing is paperwork, and this too shall pass"... and ensuring that I access emergency help if I need it. 

Be safe, but don't let yourself panic. It hurts more, leads to more danger. 

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