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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Bad day?
I almost let myself have a case of the "Brats" today... (In Bethglish, we're talking a "pity party", not a huge box of bratwurst, which I have not had the pleasure of collecting. Darn it.)
But then I remembered... wait a minute... things are looking up. Quit that. The fact that I'm exhausted by--- life being life? The rain? Politics? Oh, pesky, pesky politics... that's enough to knock anyone for a loop.
And besides... there's so many things that kept me smiling...

1)St. Kitsch -for every one of us who ever kept staring back at the Sacred Heart, because you were certain the eyes moved as you did, like those cookoo clock cat things, and besides, showing off your own extremely detailed heart just looks painful. And yeah... there really is no excuse for Barbie Communion Dolls, and some saint's cards will make you go, huh?

2)I did have the special pleasure of getting my hands on a favorite comfort food, Ruby Tuesday's cheddar mashed potatoes. Ok, maybe I am spoiled. Since I can't have bread, I get extra... and they're always kind enough to give me an embarrassment of riches. And to think, it was the beginning of the week and a spur of the moment kind of thing, too. Granted, I do wish I had more to choose from at restaurants. It's still fun to play this game though...there's always a diner, usually, a mother, who needs to know what you're ordering. "I'm not telling you, I'm telling the waitress."

3)Duck diapers. Why? There's something funny to me about ducks, anyway. Add in a duck in a diaper, and it's a small giggle. A duck in a diaper needing a harness? Is something... yeah. I think it stems from an incident at 13 that went like this: "See the beady eyes?"---Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! All I know is, I sure as heck wasn't going to put that feathered tuchus in a diaper. And I still like them. I just think I met one with an attitude.
This goes beyond "something" and becomes "I think the  nice man in the white coat wants to talk about your Daffy fetish."

So, quit looking at the rain and the sogginess, the fact that for two weeks, people are going to be scrambling at each other, while the late fall days leave so much beauty unthought of and untouched, even soggy, the bills will soon be due... 

Time to live and smile!

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