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Friday, October 12, 2012

Jacket Test

Note: I am not a paid blogger. I bought my jacket the old fashioned way: putting down cold, hard cash at a sporting goods store.

It was time for an honest-to-goodness jacket that would keep me warm, as well as wear nicely for everything I need to be doing this fall and winter--- dodging cold rain and snow, sledding, hiking, walking, etc. I came across the Columbia Women's Whirlibird Interchange Jacket in black printed plaid--- more a dark bluish green watch check... (I like it, no complaints.)  it's warm, in the mid autumn chill- bonus. My last was a mere wool blend with the "satin" lining. This one has the lining that recycles your heat back to you. As I am accused of being a little heater, this works miracles. Bit of a puffy arm situation going... I feel like I'm carrying a sheep under each arm.  Not nearly as bad as Maggie Simpson's snowsuit (she looks like a baby starfish)... or like the younger brother in the Christmas Story (Played 24 hours a day on TNT until you are officially all Christmassed out and ready to risk having your mouth cleared out with Life Buoy.) who can't put his arms down... but the first test being the sweater test was probably NOT a good idea.

Will need a hat, hood isn't insulated. Nice and long, Columbia products have stood the test of time with me before, so I trust them whole heartedly.

I give it a 8/10.

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