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Monday, October 1, 2012

Running To

Let me not focus on monsters and lightning storms
But dreams of the Diomedes

Let me be as comfortable in both jeans and a T-shirt, wandering, let not mud or weather stand in my way...
As I am in a dress and heels

I won't focus on can'ts and don't knows
But on what nows and where tos.

Let me not look back in anger
But look forward
To never become content when something feels wrong
But to stand strong

Let me never get hardened by the world
It's no crime to feel
And it's a bigger crime to let the certain horrors fill you rather than to love what's good, and focus on what's right

I will not become comfortable, content, in darkness

I will, raise my glass, you bet your ass--- to the light... and thank those who taught me, even accidentally, to stand for me.

Let me never rest until I know I have found that hearth I can call mine, and not laden with the baggage of a thousand wars

But yet, let me know, peace exists in the sweet and simple, a quiet creek, in sun-dappled leaves... in greeting a gentle but boisterous friend, in loud music, in the silence if I remember to take time out for it.. in a hushed nave filled with candles, by myself, smelling dust and old paper, the secrets of the centuries... in the fresh, effervescent fall air, in the brilliant leaves, orange, red, yellow... it is not in running away from, but in knowing where that strength and center lies. And running to.


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