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Saturday, October 20, 2012

One of Those Days?

Those days... the ones where you're pulled, here, there and everywhere.
Where you slump and get healing sleep, alright, but at what cost?
There is what we are made of, and there is where we come from, and all the ties and pushes, and shoves. When you've got just enough to starve on, and you're at wit's end. When you're being too hard on yourself? Oh, today--- I was at wit's end--- and found out a friend was dealing with the last two... I do the very last quite often, we talk enough that we've gotten to talking ourselves out of that. Or not. For everything to go, all at once, and everything to be a "No". I'm there, friend. The darkened house, the fighting with utilities, the many yards of red tape... I've been in those well-worn shoes. I'm glad someone is helping keep the phones charged, I'm there when needed. I'll celebrate over coffee with you when all is back... because you will get this done! It is tough, it is scary. Doors slammed in your face, "No's"... but you're halfway there, already!

With this song, I say this: just lay back for a bit.

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