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Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Now?

The search is on... in the race to better help myself, I also have to know when to say "WHEN!" (Which no one ever really does... you can be pouring forever, and no matter what, you'll catch "Stop," "Whoa," and "Enough..." but no one ever says, "when!"

I've been on a search for a new neuro since tests were brought up "You haven't had a CAT scan in 5 years..." but never done, when the 14 year old portable EEG machine messed up, and the medicine debacle.

I've dealt with the issue of "If I am in pain, and I am trying to more than simply survive, when I can't stand sunlight, when I have been made very sick, when I can barely eat, when I am worried I may have a seizure in public, I get anxious. If I am anxious, I am in pain. And so on, so forth." Also, if a drill sergeant with PMS is more charming than your doctor who makes you wait an hour past your appointment time, then condescendingly shouts "How often do you take excedrin!" at you... (Uh, have we forgotten WHY I'm here in the first place?!) and walks you out in five minutes.. asking for all of your other doctors' reports and insisting, "well, sorry, we don't know... see you in 6 months!" DAMN IT! Well... been here before. Calmed myself considerably---took time and I'm grateful I wasn't having a symptomatic day today although I got very scared when he shouted at me... something about a man in a white coat coldly holding my wrist and screaming in my face that I am his most difficult patient is frightening. I'm sure my pulse rate went through the roof. So, 6 months, new neuro.

Back a while ago, I dealt with similar issues. Turns out 1)The food I'd been eating was poison to me. It also took me turning a color that is often seen in corpses and walking like Groucho Marx to greet my mom one day--- I was summarily taken to the ER, where I passed a kidney stone---to get them to realize, "Oh, it's not just HER." I just had massive medication reactions... to a medication that quote "Is so good it never causes issues!" (Except that lovely rash that made it necessary for the info packet to include lurid photos, septic meningitis, anxiety...)
Nope. Not happening. Family doctor wants to run her own tests, and is standing by patiently, along with a priest, pastor, assorted friends, nurses, etc. Me? Research, and staying far from Dr. Google.

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