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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We've lost all ability to speak like humans, it seems. The candidates are debating. The two major parties are there to show us what their candidates are made of, encourage that last minute, still-hanging on swing vote...
or, they're there to encourage grown ups to go at eachother's throats, insist that theirs is the path, and theirs is the savior, that the candidates are shills. Frankly, election time is one of the rare treats that shows the worst in people.

I could encapsulate it, to an extent, but even that is somewhat of a dirty, nasty, trick. Whatever I choose, is my choice, and I'll put that in myself.

But in the mean time, for the next two weeks, it'll be about voodoo dolls, GMOs, padded toilet seats, taxes, lowering and hiking, rewarding banks or not... all at the risk of others' sanity. Everyone's nerves are red and raw. I don't watch even highlights...when I am so disgusted by it all that that's all I can watch... without feeling exhausted and ready to snap.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, is the most polite thing I can say. The least polite thing I can say reeks of vulgarity. I do know that there is a sort of "working holiday" coming up.. a chance to simply enjoy the sillier, maybe scarier stuff. I think I'll focus on that, work on heading in to the polls clear headed and not with steam in my ears.

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