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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taste Test: The Grainless Baker Graham Crackers

The Doll House Test Kitchen is busy today.
First order of business: Testing graham crackers from a company called the "Grainless Baker". Good back story- but... that only goes SO FAR with me. Accordingly, "The Head Chef" grew up in an Italian bakery, was diagnosed with celiac disease- while working IN said bakery, and, in that heart-breaking way I know so well, was surrounded with "Can't eat this, can't eat that".
Second Order of Business: If the initial nibble and savor goes all right: we have S'mores. If not, I have marshmallows, I Love Lucy, and a Hershey's Bar.
1- Large glass of cold milk (CHECK!)- 2.79/gallon
1-Package of Grainless Baker graham crackers (Gluten Free)- *choke* $7.00 (half a package apparently is good for a crust. And this- this is why we test- before allowing for public consumption. Nothing will go to guests unless I approve.)
1-Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar $0.75
1- Package of marshmallows, approx $1.00
Total: $8.75. I am choosing to permit milk by the glass as negligible.

Plain Graham Cracker:
Appearance: Kind of reminds me of a dark shortbread, a bit heavy-looking. I remember the boxes of Honey Maid, thin little wafers, about fifty cents a box. For this price, they'd BETTER be good. Although, I know I can make my own. Still, it's good to find something that we in "the community" can have "just like everyone else"
And now... with clean palate:
Oh, my God! It's light! It's light! And no "heavy honey"- this is that preferred "digestive biscuit" flavor. Mixes well. Tastes---GOOD! Looks like a cookie, tastes like those days of childhood. MONEY WELL SPENT. And I have yet to get to the S'mores! (Prepare for coma from happiness! :) )
So far, HEAVEN. I'm IN HEAVEN! Also: Good with coffee.
Dear Grainless Baker, I love you.
Now, I haven't had S'mores in 2 years. But this is a staple. I've attended and worked @ summer camps and the like, this was occasionally dinner on those weekends when the YMCA left us to our own devices.
You know the drill. Now, from plain "cracker" to "Heaven On a Cracker" (Don't judge me- it's the simple things that make you happiest.)
Uh... marshmallow or chocolate first? These things are not flat. It's a Graham Cookie.
Give her a zap- to melt the chocolate and marshmallow on sm. plate. In the summer, I'll find a small grill or something... for now, the microwave will have to do. Desperate measures are called for.
Mmm... Oh... God.... I has S'mores!

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