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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Best Is Yet To Come

This blog, in addition to random tidbits, prayers, "Better Out Than In"s, and recipes, will also serve as test blog  (particularly while I help Mel out with a Moms' project) while I work on my gazillion projects. If offered a shot on writing something I feel strongly about, I have a habit of just going from the heart- stream of conscience. Sure, you'll see me attempt to sort out religion, faith, and modern life, among other things, as well as my goofing about dates, and my snappy answers to stupid questions.
You'll also see me attempting to reconcile living between two worlds and attempting to figure me out. Apparently that doesn't happen by the time you're 30- as one particularly stupid person told me (They also told me you can get over a rape in 3 months, I knew to laugh at them then!)- and that's OK. Yes, I do tend to overthink. I can think myself out of sleep. Yes, I "editorialize" or play an internal game of "Word Association". Yes, I need to get out more. Yes, it would help if I knew what and how to say what I feel half the time.
But bear with me, I have changed a lot in these past 2 years, seen darkness, seen light. Every day, I see about a hundred things that make me sad about the world. And then there are kindnesses that apparently, most would not notice. And those, I will hold close to my heart, and be extremely honored and grateful to see. And as they say, "The best is yet to come".

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