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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Give Me The Stars

Forget flowers and perfume
Give me a blanket on the dewy grass
Under a wide black sky
And the twinkling stars
I don't need lust and cheap nylon lingerie
A warm sweatshirt over my shorts
And a simple blanket
On the dewy grass will do
I don't like the dark anymore
But I love the pretty little stars
And the sweet and simple
Like laying under the stars
Pointing out the Dippers and imagining little star-babies fed with celestial milk from the big dipper
Nestled in the cradle of the Little Dipper
Give me a warm, sweet-scented summer night
Forget the world
The stresses and pains can wait a while
Give me the chirpy, chatty crickets
and the little fire-flies flitting in the black of night
Give me the stars
And let me sleep on a blanket
With the crickets and the fire-flies
Under a blanket of night and stars
Let me- just for now- fly free
And sing old songs beneath the velvet sky
And hope- for a better world-SOMEDAY
Blackbird singin' in the dead of night
Spread your broken wings and learn to fly
All your life, you were only waitin' for this moment to arise.

(This is not a preferred version to many- I myself have 3 different versions of Blackbird in music files, but it's quite lullabye-ish and it does make up part of the soundtrack of a favorite movie, I Am Sam.)

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