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Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Many Stupid Questions, So Little Time: Cleaning Out My Old Emails

Dating me can be difficult. I am notoriously old-fashioned. Firm handshake? Check. Practices chivalry, because he WANTS to, not because he feels he HAS to? Check. Understands that I'd rather give you the truth than a polite lie? Check. Never EVER utters: "You make me look stupid, can you play dumb? A lady doesn't make men look stupid..." ---OOPSIE! (It's amazing how often that's actually been told to me. I also find it amazing that I'm as polite in my "Go fuck yourself" as I am.)

I don't like being a rude girl, mind you. If I can find a polite way to say "Go to hell", I'll use it. But... let's face it: if A) someone else gets hurt, B) I can tell you're hurting yourself C) you'd rather sit in your own shit and wail your lil' head off than do something about it, then, well, go to hell. I don't want a Man-Baby. I love taking care of people, I suppose, I want to make sure no one EVER feels sad or neglected. But y'know, I have needs, too! I occasionally need a shoulder, if not to cry on (Yes, that is actually difficult for me. I've learned to hide it too well) then to lean on or just hold for a minute. I HAVE NEEDS! I don't BEHAVE for anyone.
I am considering a "Ask a Single Girl" type thing. You ask me questions, I will answer. I can leave anonymous if needed. Let me know. Might be more entertaining than the "douchebags who were 'set up' on a blind date and had emails or answers to me landing in a spam filter."

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