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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fried Bananas and Chocolate

Many years ago, a friend of the family, born in Puerto Rico, kept me for a few days while my family dealt with another of my father's health issues. (We had a lot... I remember never really being "home" for either my reasons or Dad's.) She was attempting to keep me both well-fed and cheerful in spite of it all. First she taught me arroz con pollo- chicken with yellow rice- and as a treat, although usually served with chicken or beef, she taught me how to make fried bananas-I forget-or blipped on the Spanish term for these. We used a basic banana, not the little tiny plantains.
It was a pretty basic dessert banana.
Slice 3 bananas into quarters. 
Dip into small bowl filled with milk.
Roll in a cinnamon and sugar mixture
Fry at 350 degrees for 2 minutes. 

Now, as for chocolate, I like it in almost any way... dark, milk, white mixed with a dark or milk, as a dip, by itself, etc.
Using bananas, not so much for my poor nephew- who is sadly, allergic to chocolate (it sucks to be 6 and have a million allergies!) I also like to add a popsicle stick,  dip them in melted milk chocolate, and roll in a candy mixture. Then freeze for about five minutes and gobble them down. Another fun little treat I keep to myself.
By itself, I like to hold a funnel over a pan-- and pour in chocolate, then freeze, until set... with a little care, and a small knife, I can make a pretty big Hershey's Kiss.
Somedays, I am sad. Today, I smile...and wax poetic on making yummy, messy treats...and on chocolate. 

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