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Friday, February 4, 2011

The 8 Year Pause

So today I got a blast from the past, a friend I thought had died in Iraq. The first conversation we had in 8 years literally began with a mutual "OH, MY GOD! You disappeared! I thought you were dead!" After that awkwardness, we just fell into our old goof off & discuss politics etc pattern naturally. He's going to be 27 and lives in Virginia, has a fiancee and is looking forward to catching up in person next time he's up...he'll need a "chai latte and the only Starbucks is near where you live now". He yelled at me a bit for my wounded animal habit...he was there for me when I dated a particularly bad guy who had deprived me of food among other things. I am so happy! I love that we can still just talk and be kids together, even now!
Sure, he's still acting like he's my big brother, and sure, it's been 8 years, but we talk like there was never a pause. And that's friendship. To think it began with a chance meeting at the National Youth Leadership Forum in Washington, DC in 2001!

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