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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Zen List

The Zen List was created because, when trying to focus past the static, as Rev. Jack put it, the full silence had me distracted and unable to focus.

The Saturday before last, I tried the Bach Experiment, which worked well... except for a tiny snafu at the end, which I'll explain.

I started with Yo Yo Ma playing The Cello Suite 1 in G Major. This one is pretty basic, most of us have heard of it. I use the longer version.

Unfortunately, when I became calm, this popped up on shuffle. Mind you, this is based on a drug induced nightmare where a man kills his girlfriend, is executed, goes to hell, and attends a black mass. Knowing that and hearing the weird notes, I jumped a mile before I could correct myself! So that I didn't run the risk of having something inappropriate pop up from 600+ songs, I made a special list.

The list I made, which is set up to change order depending on my needs for the day, contains some songs with Hindu influences (Song For The Divine Mother of The Universe) one that is really for dancing, but is calming for me played softly, and some classical throughout.

  Fire With Fire-The Scissor Sisters
 Pachebel's Canon in D Major-Gee Trax (Almost 7 minutes of bliss.) 
The Older I Get-(Acoustic)-Skillet (Quite soft.) 
The Cello Suites in G Major-Yo Yo Ma 
Three Little Birds-Bob Marley 
Redemption Song-Bob Marley
Dear Prudence-The Beatles 
Blackbird-The Beatles
Song For the Divine Mother of the UniverseBen Lee



  1. I really don't know much about even the classical pieces I do know of and enjoy (such as the Yo Yo Ma piece performed here)...

    ...but the tidbits of information you provide with unfamiliar compositions do help to make them more appreciable.

    The Berlioz....definitely sounds like something set to a story...and your context was enough to allow for the imagination to direct the hidden film, each to their own.

  2. Berlioz has a piece composed of 5 parts. "I love this girl" "I love her and she doesn't know me" "I love her, so I spend time with her and the worst happens" The 4th, "March to The Gallows, is always summed up by radio announcers and music teachers as: "He dreams he has killed her..." the 5th is the weird one. Strangely, the composer did get a girl with this, but the marriage was unhappy and they divorced.It starts sweet and introduces you to instruments standing for people...in each piece, the clarinet, the girlfriend, changes. It's a weird piece I picked up in a music history class some time ago. :)

  3. Well women do have the bad habit of changing :)

    ~runs and hides~

  4. Sad but true, isn't it? :-) I've been working on changing only what DOESN'T work. :)