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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


November has been a pretty good month event wise. I've had no full-on tonic-clonics (Stiffening then relaxing of body with loss of consciousness ), but have had a few localized limb seizures that were a bit painful, all the more for being awake to witness them and to realize the limb doesn't quite soften up.

I've decided, as I don't like sitting still, and need to be out in the wide world... hey, I'm 1 in 20, and 1 of millions... there's a lot of us out there... and I need to educate... that I'm going to ensure that if I have a problem, family is alerted as soon as possible. Android has EpDetect, a free app where an alarm is set, and detects unusual movement on a wearer (this is of course, as I'm moving around, I keep it docked at home, as I like to use it for music--better volume via the charging dock.) It's one of the apps I'm not too keen to try out. You program three numbers, allow it to send your GPS signal and Google Map link, and if there's an issue, it will text 3 people for you, who can call to make sure you're ok, and/or call an ambulance for you using your coordinates.

Until other detection methods are funded by insurance, this is a great tool that can save lives and keep people from being terrified to go out there and live! To borrow from the state motto of New Hampshire, I've got to live free, or die!

Note: I seem to have high kinetic energy and triggered a few false alarms. While this works as a test, (I've warned emergency contacts, "If I don't reply back to "Are you oks and was this a false alarm, you bundle of nerves?" there's a problem, I need help." May mess with phone battery. Needs less sensitivity, better power conservation, and a less hair-temper trigger mechanism when armed.

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