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Friday, November 16, 2012

Just a Little Easier

It's been a time of great stress... paperwork, crises, the need to heal, the need to do something, the scheduling, the list making.

First up: the apps I recommend:

Grocery lists, white-boarding (everyone needs a white board on occasion, right? Of course, right.)

Evernote- for computers, and on mobile (I don't leave home without it, it's nice to have an easily edited shopping list that I can work with, and no paper to lose.) It also includes Skitch, which works well as a mini white board, to communicate, have fun, illustrate points, or to speak when my voice is having a funky moment.

Insight Timer- it's a crazy, crazy world and it helps to smell the roses. As the philosophers say, "If you have no spare time, that's when you need to take time out the most"-paraphrased.

Now that I am able to...and have time to... relax... I am too keyed up, but am working on getting back down. It happens. A lot happened this week, it's bound to happen.

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