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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Qysemia and Forays Into Spam, Eggs,Sausage and Spam

Sometimes, you find yourself tempted to perform an action known as face-keyboard. This is where you forget everything and allow your head to come into sudden violent contact with your laptop keyboard.

In June---or was it July--- I wrote up on one of my searches for alternative meds... the anti seizure drugs all have their quirks and I have been on, or so it seems, each drug in the spectrum (although, I may be missing one or two, and am not tempted to start up a challenge.)
July brought with it a repeat of Lamictal... I warned the PA... "I have issues with Lamictal. It's not pretty." "We think you need something else besides the Topomax, you're allergic to..." and the list was rattled off.
Sigh, I said. In due course I proved this was an allergy they missed, although they tried telling me it had zero side effects. I bit my tongue in two before I offered them one.

Because Topomax has a nifty little effect, namely, in 15% of patients, it causes appetite reduction (it also causes corn-syrup soda to acquire an odd flat taste in 16%.), I'm watched care--ha! No, they keep upping it. I keep trying to be weaned off. And, if you look in stores now, you too could be one of the 15%! Because: The diet drug, Qysemia, is Topomax sold OTC!

So, I started looking around... I picked up something to mix into milk to up calories I miss as a result of Topomax, and asked about horny goat weed. Among other things, I've never actually dealt with PMS... I was so messed up I don't really remember a pre-anything, and spammers? It's not wise to call the kettle PMS-y, eh?
Since the conversation amused me and pulled me out a funk, I had a laugh about it and wrote it up. While the spam ad re: a massage is great, the lube named for cheap drugstore make up that is waxy, chips, or otherwise feels awful, is not going to inspire my confidence. But I so enjoyed my spam emails. Bloody hell. (Punning not intended.) Spam is spam because people or bots hope to sell everything from penis extenders to bad lubricants, to robbing from accounts. Next time, I'll simply empty my spam folder, but I enjoyed my laugh.

Ps. Peppermint oil in water CAN help with mild headaches---I drink it like I drink the Bach Rescue Remedy drops in a glass of water. Sage helps with calm... I put a little in water and use it as a spray. Melatonin helps at night, this I use with input from my GP. Spirutein works well in a glass of milk. I like the chocolate, but you really have to shake it well, or measure and shake, because despite what the can says, it clumps most disconcertingly.

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