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Monday, November 5, 2012

Live Long and Prosper

Sometimes, you get that feeling that, being one of millions aside, having been silent for so long, having heard so many questions, seen so many crackpots, undergone tests upon tests... that sometimes, you just... don't quite fit.

I said sometimes, I wistfully wish to be normal, forgetting a lot. I mean, God... I enjoy a lot, and I learn many interesting, useful things, find new tools to work with, find many things that help myself and others, and enjoy laughing at so much, even that which, some may say, shouldn't be laughed at. (I have a certain response for that.)

A few weeks ago, I put forth a theory that I may just be an alien, that somehow, my parents brought home a baby extra-terrestrial. It explained never feeling quite "there" in loud places when everyone else seemed fine, always feeling like escaping at family functions "Uh, I think we're out of soda..." needing to recharge longer when it was loud... sometimes it seemed that conversations were screamed around me... and sometimes, if people got too close, it took days to recuperate. (I realize now, that while I like people, I simply get my energy from myself. I'm working on outlets.)

I was joking, after fixing an issue caused by my light-colored eyes (it was something that bothered only me, I'm a wee bit picky.)  and a camera flash, and playing with an "alien" filter (the anime was too freaky... too much bugged out artificial eye, too much blush, too much everything... shudder.) that my theory on being an alien, though was not quite off the mark. And it explains affinity with stars and my love for sci-fi.

I tried to do this in purple, in honor of the month, but it just didn't work.

Live long and prosper. :-p

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