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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


A rant in which I got too hot-collared and possibly far beyond the usual scope to use as a status.

If you're bothered by political rants, I'd suggest you click out. There is a red X, top right hand corner. Fair warning. I swear. A lot. I am not nice.

My goodness, POTUS, how's that hope, change, brighter future, a pot for everyone to piss in, and whiskey for every bum plan workin' out? Am I aggravated by another long-time exec taking a nosedive? Hell yes! Am I aggravated that nothing, from what I can see, has really happened yet? You betcha! How much longer are we expected to "muddle through somehow"? You can tell me where to go all you like... I have nothing against any party... I'm steaming mad! I will be attempting to keep this from being heavily in circulation... but... WHERE THE FUCK DOES IT END?! I don't think the change is supposed to be coins tossed for freakin' busking! I don't know how many times I can sing "Blowin' In The Wind" on a Godforsaken street corner! I think it was supposed to be our president doing his goddamn job! That's right! For a quarter mil, you look over bills from both house and senate, sign or veto, talk to leaders, and try to keep us from imploding at the same time you ensure we don't explode!
So a woman who works her ass of for fucking years, holding down her executive job, while fighting MRSA, with a child with dietary issues, who is in a charter school because while he is super intelligent, his race almost let him fall through the cracks in a racist school district?! In 21st Century America?! She fought to own a house, fought hearing disorders, speech disorders, holds two masters degrees, and now is struggling to pay $700 on a car she desperately needs when the brakes failed at an inopportune time?! No, POTUS. Your job was to help keep your people from imploding. From being hurt. So many are being tossed to the wayside in a few short days.

How many times can one man laugh, until he can hear people cry
How many times can a man turn his hand, pretending he just doesn't see... 

See... I tried to keep myself to myself. While I made no secret... if asked, no, I do not, absolutely not, support Barack Obama. I cannot. It wasn't color, it was that when you open your mouth POTUS, lies fall out!
But no more. While I was not a Red State supporter either, I was hoping to see Rommney do something. Say something.
In all things, though, I remain that frustrated, edgy-from- research and consistent political talk, edgy from seeing people I care about thrown to wolves by those who SHOULD be working for them, Libertarian. Who is banging her head against a wall in frustration.

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