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Friday, November 2, 2012

Modernity and Zen

The modern world leaves you way too many chances to overbook and over-extend. I find myself doing multiple things at once at a constant basis... right now, I'm attempting... perhaps unsuccessfully, but I'm attempting... to do the sweats-and "chill" thing. (Apparently, you sort of slouch and just let the body take over... I never quite got this, and will need to move.) The other day, considering everything, I found myself packing appointments so that, in the time for lunch, I was literally capable of a mouthful of food and to quickly swig my cup of coffee. (Do NOT, I repeat, NOT do this. Serious face.) And then requisite papers that I did have in my possession were not the proper ones, yada yada... and Tuesday, I face the business end of a syringe and a round of tests again. This time I left myself room to eat, grab something for the post-bloodtest shakes, and to grab the materials for my first November Project, for which I will be posting photos and How-Tos once I get it done. (I am terribly excited and want to get my hands into it.) I also can't wait to bake, make up some tortilla soup, smell the spiced broth, peppers, garlic, chicken, spices... the fried tortilla.

And now, one of the few things that lets me sit... MUSIC.

I stumbled onto If I Were John Cusack by Dr. Pants via The Bloggess, aka Jenny Lawson,  who is absolutely hilarious. She is of the giant-tin-rooster-named Beyonce for her husband's anniversary gift-fame, and has recently published her own book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A MOSTLY True Memoir.
Dr. Pants was kind enough to be sensitive to Jenny's needs---she has written regarding her social anxiety...and played a concert... in her bathroom. Here they are in their absolutely adorable glory. This video was not recorded in a bathroom, obviously.
Thank you to the Bloggess, it's become a favorite in a very short time!

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