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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweeney Todd Goes Vegan

There was a post about less interesting movies, I played with it, still coming up with vegan/vegetarian lyrics to "Have A Little Priest" which I do sing in the shower actually "The history of the world, my love, is those below serving those up above. How gratifying for once to know, that those above will serve those down below!"

Sweeney Todd decides to teach everyone about veganism, and Mrs.Lovitt makes kale pies. What a yawner.
So far, the veggie lyrics just aren't working, and I can't destroy "A Little Priest", which, is indeed about cannibalism... (Lawyer's rather nice... order something else though to follow since no one should have to swallow it twice.)

But is such a gosh-darned fun song and dare I say it, rather---true? I tried answering "Anything that's lean?" differently, but couldn't. = )

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