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Friday, November 9, 2012

Creature Comforts

The Frisky published a list of the things that comfort in times of extreme stress... while some are consistent, no two people have the exact same comforts.

For me:

1)Chicken and rice soup, with Tinkyada Little Dreams noodles (brown rice pasta in the shape of various childrens' toys.)

2)Cracker's Darling One- so much, I got fed up with bad sound when I couldn't find decent recordings... anywhere. 
Why don't you rest your weary head, darling one, sweetheart...

3)Butterflies. Just thinking of those bright wings and how happy I am to see them in the spring, makes me happy.

4)Something as silly and absolutely off the wall as this, from writer John Devore: "It's a giant furless hand that thrusts itself up into our guts and makes us say insipid things!" - Muppet conspiracy theorist
I laughed good and hard at that, and I needed it too... the week has been a mess... my bloodwork papers got lost, I have no high hopes for my appointment in December, I automatically said "yes" to being a guinea pig for a 6'5" student dental hygenist later in the month, still getting in touch with neuro, friend Pastor Chris landed in hospital with possible stress induced heart attack at 28 years old... and watching the election tear at people... Oh, God... yes, it's been a fantastically shitty mess and I needed a good giggle.

5)That first sip of coffee, holding the mug between your hands on a cold day, feeling the steam hit your nose.

6)Knowing that I am learning to relax, sort of, with meditation... with rosary beads, turning them and working them... focusing, seeing past the static...

7)Seeing what I've accomplished. This lets me know I can go further.

8)Laying back with headphones and my music list on a Sunday afternoon

9) Thelonious Monk's After Midnight. Always. I'm so glad I quit pronouncing it "Felonious Monk", by the way, but that works if I'm trying to spell check it... I type F first, and if it isn't redlined, I then delete and type the TH. I always do manage to do something the difficult way.

10) Snoopy. That little beagle always puts a smile on my face!

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