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Monday, November 12, 2012

PSA: On Drive-By-Perfumings

Note: I have a favorite perfume that I wear with almost anything. There's a trick: I picked a very light perfume, with a clean formulation, in the first place. The idea is to spray on the pressure, pulse, or "heat" points... wrists, back of ears (a touch) little in hair, some under shirt... just a very light hand on the sprayer. And pick quality. The $2 plastic bottle of "Vanilla Serenade" from Bed Bath and Beyond not only clogs after one use but smells really cloying.

"In view of recent perfumings, I feel obligated to perform this public service. Perfume/ cologne is an enhancement product, not a be/all-end-all. You don't wear all of your sweaters and hats at once, do you? The logical step is to pick one high-quality product. Generally, a LIGHT spray on the undersides of wrists, or behind ears, in "pressure zones", or on a clean cloth will do and people will not smell you before they see you, will like what they smell, but will remember you and not Eau De Sweet Jesus, What The Heck, My Eyes Are Watering. Many companies make lines consisting of ultra light variations of scent in perfumes, soaps, shampoos, etc. I do not recommend such things for amateurs. Pick one formulation, wear it lightly and run with it."

For heavier scents, like "My Sin" (do they still make that?) or Opium, I'd suggest an even lighter touch. It's you that you want people to know, not your scent trail. Those of us in the Buffalo area still have nightmares about Kaufman's and its' well-dressed, beaming Perfume Sprayer...and the need for a burst of fresh air.

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