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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Sometimes, life gets hectic. You can tell yourself, "Breathe, breathe, breathe"... all you want. I know... it's tough to keep from doing it when I see others with the issue (Be patient... it's tough getting out of those dark places.) and can sometimes make things worse before they get better...because you want to snap, "I KNOW!" (And try, good lord, to avoid the Oprah route... I start laughing in a rather scary way when someone intones: "I feel your pain".) But you can only sit around in your dirty Pampers so long before you end up getting irritated with yourself. Alrighty, let's grab the Boudreaux's Butt Paste, clean up on aisle 3!


Find it where you can. Get mad at that pillow! Show that pillow whose boss! Watch something childish and silly. Find good reading material. I recommend anything that doesn't involve "Slim down and be sexy in 12 hours by drinking horseradish and tobasco sauce!" 

Find a new toy.
Find an old toy you haven't played with in years. 

*Play with your balls. (Are you awake? :-P ) I keep a stress ball in my purse (it's a surprise, my purse is dinky and I tend to pull some odd items out of it.)

(Music to my ears!) 

Are you a stressed out nerd? Android Market has a wonderfully brilliantly colored version of Space Invaders, with all of the explosions your little heart could possibly desire.
Something in killing little aliens in flying saucers, who I like to assign little faces (Sort of like I do when I play darts) that sneer and stick out their tongues and say "Nah nah nah nah nah nah"- (but to you will simply be a little flying saucer shooting little red pellets.) 

Bath Time. Baby yourself. Johnson's (or a drugstore brand, don't go crazy.) calming baby bath can do the trick nicely.


  1. I never raked a zen garden before. It's mesmerizing when the smooth tool retraces the raking path and makes it all new again!

  2. I love that toy! :) And a little less messy than the rocks and sand I've seen some people use for that. :)