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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Capturing Lightning in a Pill

I tend to pose questions to myself, to distract myself from the crazy. This means that I've pondered the Mars atmosphere, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen into a far too simplistic approach, and, due to dealing (but, it seems I am on an upswing--- my appetite arrived and I pigged out on beef stew, a tall glass of milk, pasta and plum for dessert!) and pondered the idea of somehow using magnets and electricity, in a safe way, so that they can be used in a far more miniaturized form than the usual VNS implant, which has gotten smaller. Sort of capturing lightening in a pill.

 Of course, this couldn't be swallowed. In some people, the electrical system is screwed up, and "wires" slip. How could we rewire and over-ride, and avoid an overload, and perhaps, keep a person from suffering as severely? And perhaps, saving them from untoward, dangerous, and scary side effects? One would have to go to the source, an extremely localized connection.

 I realized, as I almost relished a mad scientist/ eureeka! moment, that another scene was getting through... the older sister of the Marquis De Sade's Juliette, in that particular installment of his unusual... philosophy, is struck and killed  by lightening at the very end, after a life of trying to live good and being accidentally whored out, the opposite of her sister, who sort of had to act like a good girl for a bit. The lightening enters Justine's mouth as my fabled first draft lightning wonder pill did. And exits her anus. Being the Marquis De Sade, a good---um---bad? time was had by all but Justine. And so ends my career as a mad scientist, and begins a radical scrubbing of my mind.

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