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Friday, August 3, 2012

Cicadas and Chain Saw Melodies

It's August. The dog days are upon us, and the tree frogs croak merrily while cicadas vibrate through your very bones with their chain-saw songs.

You may notice by now, many with a healthy caramel shade, who may be delighted to show themselves next to you (In my ultra pale pinkish-white German-Slav-Welsh skin.)- but wait--I too have a dash of pink in my cheeks!
Kids are getting ready to go back to school and all is a hubbub.
But the days aren't over yet.

What am I up to?

The occasional stargazing... even if we do get light pollution, damn it, I'm gonna try anyway!
Forget the moon, you wanna impress me? Take me out and show me the stars.

Letting the wind blow through my hair, and on my heated skin. The bonus here is: If you start with freshly washed, towel dried hair, and a light touch of a leave in conditioner of any sort (I used a silk extract.) and braid it back until nearly dry, then let it out, you get an honest to goodness "Beachy style" and people actually are asking about it, because apparently "Beach Hair" is in. And your stylist is the wind in your hair.
I also like the assorted salt and silk extract beach sprays in small doses so I don't mess myself up (since I chopped my hair to get rid of medication-induced damage and it's healthy now. No, it's not short, just not where I want it to be.)

I am enjoying sweet air, hot days, cool nights, strawberry lemonade with mint sprig that reminds me of the mint that grew wild by my child hood home that I'd pluck and chew on without thinking. I love... freedom.


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  2. Strawberry lemonade?! :D Sounds heavenly. I must have me some.

  3. It's becoming a special favorite... at first, I got it mostly because I was tired of soda... now it's something special. And I found a recipe too. If mint didn't creep like crazy, I'd grow some! http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/homemade-strawberry-lemonade/

  4. No problem! Very interesting & happy to help!