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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tips, Tricks, and a Little Spice

Basic Tips and Tricks:

1)In the summer, wavy hair can become unmanageable. I always use a sulfate-free shampoo and then, after drying, work about half-a dime's diameter of frizz-ease and a little (very little) of Bed Head After Party through. This you'll find in a bottle that looks like a large, scary pink dildo with a head about the size of those sweet Catalina Christmas Oranges.
(I ran a poll, sarcastically, using a photo of me staring at a bottle---"Dildo or hair product?" Bad idea. :-/ )
Something tells me that the "saucy" look was absolutely intentional. Whatever, it works.
I'm proud to display this in my bathroom.

Once a week I run a little Chi Silk Infusion through
And then braid until dry, (Hair that becomes curly- or in some cases, a more defined curly when braided or twisted (for this, use very little conditioner... you don't want it slippery)- has been defined for me as "Bitch hair"... because explaining... "It's just genetics, trust me, I get jealous of straight hair!" and telling that curious person HOW you did it tends to elicit: "You bitch!")

2) or else do a Gibson tuck (Make low ponytail. Make a depression using your finger. Tuck hair through depression. Pin in place. A better photo than I can do:
The Simple Gibson Tuck
And either leave it in, while styling (or not, if my bangs cooperate and work as ringlets) my bangs... and just doing what I have to do.
Simple vintage-y glam... I just use my finger, tuck through, and let it be a little messy. Over-done, it's sort of weird.

Olive oil can be great in small doses. I've used it successfully to comb out candle wax without losing whole hanks of hair.
3)Also: yes, olive oil works to make French toast. Don't use TOO much. A little bit will do, and let the heat of the pan spread it.

4)also in cooking and not in hair: are your brownies oh-so lovely, but a little "Meh". (I love chocolate... just got done with a Coldstone Creamery "Oh Fudge!" shake not too long ago. But it can indeed get boring if you get too much. "First world problems"!)
About a goldfish-food sized pinch (I cook by feel mostly. All measurements are approximate. Use more or less depending on taste) of cayenne pepper or chilli powder (as a friend tried) will make that chocolate POP. 

I heartily recommend the Burt's Bees sulfate free shampoos (More Moisture with Baobab or More Volume with Pomegranate,) Chi Silk Infusion, Goody ouchless elastics, Bedhead...
and to find time to relax and enjoy the sweet and simple things in life, even for a moment.

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