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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EEG Results!

Fanfare, please, maestro.

Maybe I should use a sack-butt for this. 

Thank you, maestro.
So... two days, wires galore? And two big events? Well....


INCONCLUSIVE! "Our machine was messed up, your events came through later than they should and some wires came loose causing artifacts. We are giving you topomax (Uh, I spent forever getting that monkey off my back) and try melatonin for sleep. It's been rough, and my mother and her hatred of "I don't know what's going on" means she thinks I'm keeping huge secrets from her. I cannot breathe, or eat, or fill out paperwork without her going after me because this is not normal and must be my fault. She also has delighted me by telling strangers my issues, starting on me after I've begun calming down and grabbing my arm and pulling me where she wants to go. When I tell her it hurts she becomes insulted. And telling perfect strangers everything? I thought I asked her to please stop and keep things bright. So... gotta calm down. Again. And apparently... sigh... more tests.


  1. Been there and done that (multiple times) with my wife. Truly annoying when there is no conclusion from the tests.

    And Topomax sucking fucks and makes you act like you have dementia.

    But you still are a gorgeous girl.

  2. I hate how very drugged it makes me feel. Melatonin first...and the gift to myself of the sea turtle with the ability to put stars on the ceiling (bought in the new born section, but it's pretty cool.) have helped me calm down some... I am learning to center myself, and have numerous specialists, etc. on speed dial. Also working with a nutritionist and a priest, and taking care of "earthly" concerns with a therapist, as I know I can't go through it alone, and positivity is best :) I'll get there. The best of luck to you and your wife, Christopher! :)

  3. Ps... thank you... :) It always helps.