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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Freedom, The Great Paper Chase Part II, and Pulling Taffee

I'm free! And clean! I spent two days wired for sound (By the midnight hour at the end of the 48 hour EEG, I was beginning to go a tad bit insane as gauze, tape and wires in hot weather is a very sticky and itchy ordeal, and of course, stronger glue was used than usual...)-- the Uzbekistani truck drivers at 2AM were a bit disconcerting, I must say. (So I got up, after about 2 hours of sleep, ate leftover chicken, and dozed back off.)  But hopefully, we're closer to answers... I never like discussing these things much, as I end up having to go through a long list..."Well, the last MRI I had, I had my head in this cage-like apparatus listening to Beethoven on head phones." (For this reason, I think I recall Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as "Thunk thunk thunk whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir... thunk thunk thunk whiiiiiiiiiiiir..." ) and trying not to shiver when contrast dye was injected".

And what, do I use my freedom for? To go grocery shopping... and I tried very hard to shop without panic...and came home again with 8 or 9 bags of cereal, pasta, soups, rice, bread, bagels, cream cheese, crackers, graham crackers, brownie mix, sour cream, other miscellaneous, including fruit enough to ensure I'm... uh...regular...  and $51.00 of meat from the butcher. And... I have no clue whatsoever WHAT I want to eat. Oh, I made S'mores---15 seconds does it beautifully, cutting the marshmallow in half as my graham crackers are tiny. So I had a bowl of soup and S'mores and milk. Healthy! A neighbor brought me a gift of Turkish taffee too... so I suppose I could just go and pull my taffee.

The paper chase is getting entertaining. No sooner do I chase down one form I needed and sent in (Using two 41 cent stamps as I had run out of stamps the day before) but then I need another form sent so I can mail it back. Ach mein gott! "Do you have the forms? I'd be delighted to send you my forms, but it seems you'd like to waste money on politely dunning "Vee are cutting you off!" letters. I cannot possibly do as you wish, as much as I enjoy hearing from you, until I get said form in hand to fill out."
But progress is being made. Here's to answers.

*Note: Have run down appropriate forms. All that stands between more papers to chase and I, are the graces of God and the Postal Service.

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