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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Counting Blessings: Five Silly, Happy Delights

There are times when "I was thinking..." tends to make people shudder or groan "Well, very good, Descartes.What else is new?"

So, I'm putting aside my attempts to sort out the world around me, and myself. Instead, I'm thinking only of five sweet, maybe silly, maybe stupid little things that make the stress worthwhile. And hopefully, not going through my usual well-worn list.

1) There's something marvelous in taking a solo trip out in the fresh air. I don't even need a camera... indeed, if I don't have one on me, I'm more apt to see brightly colored birds than if I do. I'm becoming more and more an Audubon Society enthusiast. (I may recant if I ever get pooed on by a seagull.)

2)Amusing coincidences. I had to smile recently...darn, I did forget a camera that day... Alackaday!
At Barnes & Nobel, I came across a display of different DVDs for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Along with footage of William and Kate's wedding (I joked last year that I was going to see how drunk I got taking a shot whenever Prince Charles looked constipated. I pretty much dozed through it instead.) and The King's Speech - highly recommended!- in the center was Braveheart, and toward the bottom, a documentary of Oliver Cromwell... the Puritan "Roundhead" commander, coiner of such phrases as "Warts and All", who ended up having Charles I executed for treason (As a king, I think it's impossible to commit a crime against yourself, but, eh...) and couldn't help but giggle. I'm sure Oliver and William Wallace would have been delighted. Royally so.
Of course, it still tickles me when I see our local Coldstone Creamery holding court alongside a Jenny Craig.
Which business has the better advertising opportunity? Or would they do a shared promo? :)

3) The fact that I wasn't the only one to be so royally amused at the same time. And I will retire that joke immediately.

4) How pretty the stars and the moon look when you're sitting on a hill alone in the evening, just you, and the occasional car motor or cicada.

5) That I finally remembered that while the world moves on its own rhythm and try as I might, it might seem that I am being rained on by my own personal rain cloud while simultaneously being pooed on by a seagull, having rocks tossed at me, and trying to walk a high beam while juggling plates, is that I cannot control the world, and poor timing can and will happen. Or maybe it doesn't. Sometimes, the world, and negativity can seem to spin way too fast and out of control... all I know is... there are things I can't control (For everything else, there's Spanx! ;-) !) but I can control how I react. Onward and Upward.

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