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Friday, June 29, 2012

Dance Your Cares Away...

AKA: The Fraggle Rock version of stress relief!

There are some songs that, if they come up on shuffle, can instantly make a serious situation (like a dinner in which you are trying to be so grown up, and instead of using the classical list, and thus saving yourself, you find, that after Moonlight Sonata, a punk version of the Fraggle Rock theme pops up, (or, around Christmas, having forgotten that I had an Animaniacs version of Noel in there, thus surprising myself when, over a hushed and still Christmas lunch, here comes "Noel, noel, Santa's name has no "L" and he won't be too pleased if you don't learn to spell" comes out of the speakers.)

I like to think we hear only what we're meant to, that a song that cracks you up in serious situations, when you might prefer a more serious House-like montage, is there because God and the Muses want you to laugh. A friend disproved this by cocking his head and intoning, "Manamana!"
While I feel rotten that that ear worm is theirs, I still want to hold on to my theory.
So, if I've been oh-so-serious, if my more odd little ditties pop up, I prefer to think that somewhere, someone loves me and wants me laughing.

And so, when Blink-182's version of Hit Me Baby One More Time pops up, I just laugh. (The high notes are amazing! But the facial expression in the video... combination O-face/ "Oh, dear, I'm becoming a monster" in a dramatic film-face never fails, and I sometimes watch with a somewhat bewildered face. Then again I make said bewildered face when I open the fridge and don't know what I want.

And nothing can date me faster than the fact that even I know when to do the "clap clap" during the Fraggle Rock  theme. It's like my hands have a mind of their own.

(This was just added to my iTunes, I'll see how long it takes before I outplay the novelty.)

Dance your cares away, worries for another day, let the music play... down in Fraggle Rock...


  1. Nothing annoys me more than that manamana song...

  2. Tell me about it. It's cruel and unusual punishment. Like being on the "small world" ride at Disney Land about 10 times.