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Monday, June 25, 2012

Enlightenment Through Illumination

For years, I've seen people painstakingly explaining A) What is irony, and B) The various types of irony. Since I just spent time playing endlessly with an online version of Lite Brite (Thanks, Hasbro!) in an effort not make a perfect illuminated rainbow landscape with miniscule pegs, and using the hubris of the enlightened Generation Y, attempting to make it quicker by making "liquid" lines with my optical mouse, all in an effort to bore myself to sleep (big week! Must be on my toes!)- appropriately tired, if not completely devoid of thought... and I do need to "tune out" a bit, I've been running on adrenaline a bit too long... I am not going to go into a drawn out discussion of types and subtypes, guaranteed to have a more technically-minded person tear out hair in frustration and lambaste me because I somehow got it wrong.

Instead, with the effort I put in on a more-personally related front seemingly garnering success... it's still a long row to hoe... to not squeak an apology, particularly to my refrigerator, couch, or other entity that doesn't need it... (I slipped...I said "Oh, excuse me," to the couch after I bumped it,  before I could stop myself. But hey, I can laugh at myself.) I have to say, I find it funny that those who have accused me of being a doormat, generally were those who took advantage before I decided, as the habit annoyed me, to simply "be"... and to remember that frankly, the furniture doesn't give a damn, and that frankly, I can just be myself... and decided to make a concerted effort to stop. Yes, I am working on quitting the apologizing/ "I am very small and unworthy, please don't punish me" reaction. Complete with boxer-like head movement and hands up to protect the face if frightened enough. "You're such a doormat!" will now be answered mostly with "You never seem to mind when you're the one wiping your enormous feet." Until of course, I find a more diplomatic answer. You can still say "Go to hell" and have it sound like you're wishing a lovely vacation in a nice, hot, dry climate. Somewhere in the deep, deep south.

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