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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Centering and Star-Gazing

Well, I guess you can call yesterday "a wash", or "Argh, that one was annoying."

I'm please to say every doctor of mine is on a well-deserved vacation, perhaps all at the same place at Club Med. I'm so happy I could help.

As for me, just choked down melatonin... while I like that Nature Made melatonin is gluten free... it really is a tough pill to swallow. But I'll remember the trick of filling my mouth with a "pocket" of water next time. It kind of sucks having a huge gag reflex. I'm kind of looking askance at the Topomax. I'm also grateful they didn't do Pheno-Barb again, it hasn't really changed much since the bad old days and barbiturates are tough on me. I kind of looked at the doctor with a look of pure agitation... "You realize I've done this one 3 times now, and the Keppra you want to give if this doesn't work out gives me hives, right?" And so... blood tests, keeping up a calorie log, (I've been clocking for a while now---while I've slipped, I've decided to give myself treats, like honey dew melon and canteloupe, and the Rice Dream if I so desire... if I'm hungry, eat... plus healthy staples and... I have to wonder... how to deplete 70 servings of apple and caramel? and keep some healthy junk around. I did keep myself from facetiously telling someone about the German-Chinese restaurant, in answer to "How is your appetite?" "Oh, fine, I like to try new things too. I went to a German-Chinese restaurant, and it was good, but half an hour later, I was hungry for power."- naughty.) Checking vitamin levels too... I know that while I take my probiotic,  multi-vitamin, extra Vitamin D (2,000 IU/day) and the feverfew/ magnesium, and get a B-12 shot monthly, my vitamin levels are woefully low.

I also bought myself a gift at the toy store---a little sea turtle (last one in stock at our Toy's R Us- that puts stars on the ceiling and walls for about 45 minutes at a pop, and is quite comforting. This little bugger is pretty cool. And he goes with the blue and green sea theme nicely without turning my room into a "Little Mermaid Fantasy while tripping".
My sea turtle

I am going to continue working on the whole person...spiritual, temporal, physical. So have plenty on call or via text and have people I can lean on if I need to. However, "I need to lean" is tough to admit and ends up coming out very awkwardly.

First things first, one of the first things we learn is one I'm teaching myself again. We need to learn to self-soothe. As for centering, I'm learning. There's no "right" way. There's what's right for me.

Courtesy of Magic Cabin.com
And now... just what the Fraggles taught us:

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