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Friday, July 29, 2011

Grace, and Then Some

Really, the perfect saint for me, the Patron St. of Impossible Cases
Spending time in forced company, waiting, waiting---I watched more CNN on a tiny flat-screen than I do otherwise, I had time to puzzle through things, while waiting for people to either quit talking at or over me or to let me open my own mouth, to think.

We are told, "Do not worry, God will provide", and he does... but... well, Jesus said to the sick man in the temple, take up your bed and walk---he actually had to do something, be willing to trust that while he was unable to do much more than be lowered through a roof on a mattress, he could now pick up that mattress and walk out the door.

I once knew a woman who was a rather ardent Pentecostal- I think the phrase is Apostolic Christian...she did not believe in medicine, and disavowed sweets (until the kids were too rotten, and she offered the sinful processed and refined sugar as a bribe). Her little boy became very sick one day--- rather than the usual treatment in a 106 degree fever, she chose to wrap him up and begin long prayers, saying "We don't need doctors or children's tylenol, you must have faith, you must believe...God will provide". He was better soon... but it was a long night, and someone ended up sneaking him medicine.

Well, yes... but... generally, I like to put it like this: God gave us big brains and the capability to think, to choose between right and wrong. Asprin can grow on trees, digitalis can be gotten and treated, via the pretty purple foxglove plant, and prayer is great---but I think God wants your faith, and for you to get off your butt and see a doctor.

I can't say I haven't had my miracles: In late '09, they told me I'd need another surgery on my bladder. I worried...because a naturopath and my physician had both come to the conclusion that something was destroying my intestines... and had me tested for celiac disease. So, new lifestyle, feeling ill, and being stressed--- and dreading surgery. But I didn't succumb to temptation to curl into a ball and cry until the surgery day, praying for it to go away. I simply prayed and tried, and my sister, whose son has issues with food helped out too. Not two months later, with food, therapies and numerous issues, I was beginning to show signs of being better--- skin less dry, shine to the hair, circles under my eyes not looking like someone had popped me one, and color in my cheeks, and had a scan--- and while there is scarring, they can't find the issue! The urologist asked what I was doing, and I said prayer, gluten-free diet... he smiled and told me to keep that up... and I avoided surgery. I was handed a miracle, but I had to trust, and to do work on my own... otherwise, I don't think it would have worked.

Believe, pray--- but remember, we're given medicines and treatments for a reason. And we have the abilities to use them successfully, which is its' own miracle.

In conclusion:
May life be beautiful
And may you forever have grace under fire.

if ANYONE can tell you about grace under fire, it's this guy.


  1. I'm in agreement with you. In the Bible we read where he told people to rely on him for their strength to get a job done, but he never told them he would do it for them. It's like I said when I was unemployeed, that you can pray and pray for a job but if you don't turn the TV off and get off the couch, you're never going to find a job. You have to do the job search, rely on Him, and he would lead you to the job, or the job to you. But it would not happen by itself. The same goes with illness and medical care. He gave humanity the brains and ability to develope medicines and treat conditions. Even...who was it...Luke, I think, the apostle Luke, had been a doctor before he became Jesus' disciple, but I don't recall the Lord ever chastising him or correcting him for having been in that profession.

  2. I've heard Jesus being referred to as the Great Physician. I think he even used medicine himself---healing mud? Might be where the spas get it from! 

  3. In getting off MY butt... I relaxed by the pool, and not only gave out a sample kit with some moisturizers and eye gel-one I use myself, but, I sold a skin kit to a nice lady there. So remember to network, too!