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Monday, July 11, 2011

Libyan Youth Movement

Libya is a small, worn-torn country in North Africa. The capital city is Tripoli. If you've been around any Marines, you may have heard the theme song: the lyrics we all know go:  "From the Walls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, we fight the nation's battles, on the land and on the sea"...
Out of Tripoli, there is a man who has run the government for decades, the well known Qaddafi. There is a civil war going, and the factions that control the East and the West are going at it. There aren't a lot of freedoms. There are little ones in refugee camps who are simply children. Eid and the Winter Holidays will be upon is in five months, and while the Libyan Youth Movement is fighting for freedom, they also are trying to make a good holiday for the children. Here is where they ask for help, and if you cannot directly donate, then please spread the information around. Little children, even in refugee camps in nations that are dangerous, war-torn (constantly) and difficult to live in deserve something bright and happy.

We are a group of Libyan Youth both in and out of Libya inspired by our brothers & sisters in Egypt and Tunisia. We'll do our best to bring Libya back Inshallah (As God wills)

We do not belong to a political party, nor to any factions nor do we intend to, we have taken inspiration from our brothers and sisters in Tunisia and Egypt who have taken it upon themselves and brought about a new chapter in the history of North Africa.

We are here to awaken our people from the unjust oppression and remove the ring of corruption and despotism, and provide stability and security 


The website to donate is: Eid of Hope
And here, are things you won't see on the news, among the riots, the corruption...there is beauty:

Ancient rock art.

And among these natural wonders, are beautiful souls, struggling to survive. No, I am not attempting to sound like Childrens' International. But to show, there is beauty among the ugly. Stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves, support youths begging for freedom, children who would love whatever simple gifts offered...as they lay in the shadows of power-hungry dictators. 

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