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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Justice and the Court of Public Opinion

Justice has again been bandied about a lot this week. Facebook is swimming with "Justice for Caylee" (we all want that. Justice for the innocents)- bear with me. That is something we should strive for... true justice for the innocents ripped apart or murdered at the hands of those who should protect them.

It is difficult to ask for justice without first judging someone's actions. We, as a people, cannot become judge, jury and executioner- and yet, we do so, rejoicing in the death of dictators- when Fidel Castro was ill years back, with intestinal issues, Cuban-Americans rejoiced in what seemed to be his impending death. We have all been caught up in wishing bad things to happen to bad people- yes, even me. I had to come to a concensus with myself in one matter--- "I cannot live in the past, I have to bear the scars and move on... I cannot allow it to infest my mind daily, I am not given a spirit of fear and may not allow myself to live in it. Therefore, I have to let thoughts of vengeance go, it is not mine to give."

The Casey Anthony verdict shocked me, sickened me. But I am not her judge. The justice system, in my opinion, did fail. But humanity is not her judge, it is up to the one incorruptible judge to convict or exonerate her, as public opinion will never do.

Now, here lies the basics: While, in general, if it smells bad, (and the whole case did) it is something bad (with the possible exception of some really good cheeses.), humanity is precisely that. Prone to missteps. Public opinion may have found her guilty- but all the porch lights, all the candlelight vigils, and all of the people passing judgment not withstanding, it is not up to us. May another trial be done, something is unfinished here, and a child needs to be honored in death as she was not in life. If it looks like a duck...is my argument. And it smelled bad- so I flipped Court TV off because it just bothered and rankled me, still does. But it is not my place. No justice was served, and Justice needs to perhaps remove her blinders and look at this, but the law of the Land has spoken.

It is horrible, awful, all around. And news commentators look like three-headed fire spouting demons discussing this. There are people who use dark humor regarding this- while this is within their rights, I do not have to read it.
I have a choice to pray for peace and justice, to hope that the one who judges us all helps all of us... but I cannot let myself poison others with my opinions or allow myself to be poisoned by others.

It is sad... so much to cherish, so much tossed away so loosely. And so very little dignity left. Yes, my heart does ache for all of this. But I cannot drink the poison.

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