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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Raging Against The Machine

I WANT to tell you that the world has an inherent sense of justice. That good things come to those who wait (Sometimes, it does, but sometimes, you get caught in a lurch for God knows how long.)
Don't let yourself get worn down by the machine that is modern society...rage against it. I know that you have to accept key things: That some people are rude, selfish individuals who expect everyone to think just like them or else. That there are those who do not hold tight to what is good, what is precious, and what is right. That some people will attempt to file you down so you can fit into their molds.
Some people work towards the good, to exhaustion, to fits of panic when they see the world wearing others down. Gone are the days of values taught automatically, of do right because it is right and not because you want something for it. Some of these people do get smacked around for their efforts. And they get up and do it again.

I want to say that sometimes the machine exhausts me, and I feel crushed for a while. While that, and the above is true, I know, that with unfair and wrong verdicts, liars, sadists, and more around, there are still, thank God, people who do love others around. That it's not bad to want and work for a better world, even if it's just a small chunk. I think the Beatles and Lovelace the penguin from Happy Feet said it best:
All in all:
"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make".

Do not BE the machine. Understand that there IS a machine, that it can wear on you but you cannot let it break you (You can't avoid a bruise.)
Be good because it is right. Treat others well. Understand that as you too will make mistakes, that others will, as well. And this is how we learn.
Love yourself first, above all. And to borrow from an old Children's Hospital slogan, "While there is life, there is hope."
Don't let yourself be just another cog in the machine. 

No matter how crushed you feel, never forget these.

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